Pat McFadden

3 years ago

Shorting the City: The Tories’ Brexit deal fails the financial services industry

By Pat McFadden There was a revealing moment in the House of Commons debate on the Government’s Brexit deal.  Labour MP Peter Kyle asked the Prime Minister about the absence of coverage for financial services in the deal.  The Prime Minister ducked the question but said he was glad Labour was “backing the bankers”. The Prime Minister’s response summed up how the financial services sector has been viewed by much…

4 years ago

Return of the Mac

Labour in the City were delighted to host a virtual Q&A between the newly appointed Shadow City Minister Pat McFadden MP and more than 70 of our members.  Pat provided an insider view on how the Labour Party is changing under Keir Starmer’s leadership, the type of relationship he wants with the City and Labour’s role championing wealth creation, as well as answering questions on a range of topics. For…