John McDonnell

5 years ago

The trouble with bonuses

Over lunch with the Financial Times, John McDonnell fired a warning shot over bankers’ “grotesque” bonuses this weekend, pledging a consultation on ways to limit the size of payouts. “It’s become part of the [City] culture and it is so separate and distinct and isolated from the rest of the real-world economy and that’s why people are offended by it,” said the Shadow Chancellor, who is looking at options ranging…

5 years ago

The next Chancellor but one

Labour will be on an election footing this autumn, with a well thought out strategy ready for financial reform, the Shadow Chancellor told Labour in the City’s summer reception. “Anything can happen,” said John McDonnell, referring to the imminent appointment of a new Prime Minister. He urged financial institutions to work with him to develop plans that will work effectively to reform the economy. The Shadow Chancellor and Jonathan Reynolds,…

8 years ago

Labour Business Fringe

The Labour Business Fringe at this year’s Labour Annual Conference is being co-sponsored by Labour in the City and the Industry Forum. Speakers include John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor, and Rebecca Long-Bailey, the Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, and our own Chair, Kitty Ussher. Attendance is free, and refreshments will be provided.