5 years ago

The trouble with bonuses

Over lunch with the Financial Times, John McDonnell fired a warning shot over bankers’ “grotesque” bonuses this weekend, pledging a consultation on ways to limit the size of payouts. “It’s become part of the [City] culture and it is so separate and distinct and isolated from the rest of the real-world economy and that’s why people are offended by it,” said the Shadow Chancellor, who is looking at options ranging…

5 years ago

A new look for the Old Lady

Is the Bank of England fit for purpose? That was the topic for a Labour in the City discussion hosted by Cicero which provoked a vigorous debate from our expert panel. The Labour Party is openly calling for a change to the Bank’s mandate, by adding a target of improving the nation’s stubbornly slow productivity by 3% annually, alongside inflation targeting and promoting financial stability. The idea of this shake-up…

6 years ago

The Lehman Trilogy review: where did banking’s purpose go?

By Sophia Morrell, Chair, Labour in the City Ten years on from the financial crisis, both the media and City are replete with perspectives on the crisis. However, none takes so profound a journey as The Lehman Trilogy into the genesis of an institution which is the emblem of a sector that lost its way. The play, written by Stefano Massini and playing at the National Theatre until October 20th,…