Chuka Umunna tells LiTC – Tories’ mayoral campaign would make Trump proud

19th April 2016

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chuka kitty

Chuka Umunna’s speech to LiTC this week had a huge amount of coverage in the press.

He took on Vote Leave, Zac Goldsmith’s mayoral campaign and had something to say about the importance of a mixed industrial policy.

The quote which dominated the news was ““The Tories have resorted to running a nasty and openly Islamophobic election campaign against Sadiq Khan that would make Donald Trump proud.” Well, he’s not wrong.

But just as interesting to the audience in the room was his observation that the steel industry’s challenges show that there is a role for government that goes beyond correcting market failures and works in partnership with the private sector on an ongoing basis.

Talking to Kitty Ussher on stage, he was pretty scathing about the current administration’s response to the Tata crisis. It really was fascinating, and a welcome reminder of what an asset Chuka is to the Party.