Producers vs Predators debate records a score draw

8th October 2012

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Labour in the City jointly hosted an Oxford Union-style party conference event at the Labour party conference in Manchester on Monday, entitled the ‘producers’ vs the ‘predators’. A packed room heard from Tristram Hunt MP and Michael Izza on the producer side, vs Kitty Ussher and Mark Twigg arguing the case for the predators. The event was chaired by Chris Leslie MP. It was a spirited and light-hearted debate leading to a vote by show of hands (pictured) which was declared a score draw by the chair, despite calls for a card vote…

Voting after the debate

Voting after the debate

The predators were surprised and delighted with the result and reckoned it was their key argument that someone had to support the financial services sector, along with calls to reclaim the language so that we could start to talk about reform, that swung it.

Thanks to LFIG, the Smith Institute, Cicero and the ICAEW for their partnership.